Woman Plows Through A Krispy Kreme; Stereotypes Exists For A Reason


Either this woman really hates Krispy Kreme or she loses control of all five senses when catching a whiff of a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Apparently this 72-year-old woman drove her Ford F-150 through a Krispy Kreme shop in Jeffersontown, KY while making a run to pick up, doughnuts.

“She went to hit the brake and may have mistakenly hit the gas pedal instead,” Jeffersontown Police Sgt. Brian Colebank said.

“We were sitting inside, having a doughnut and coffee … we got up … as we were walking out the door, the truck came plowing through and the door was on top of me,” said John Heffley, who sustained cuts from shattered glass and debris.

The driver came out of the accident unscathed, along with her son’s arteries — who she went to get the doughnuts for.

South Park tried to warn us about old people driving.

via: USAToday

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