Mass Appeal | Release Roundtable: Pusha T Talks MNIMN [Video]

We take your favorite artists and your artist’s favorite bloggers and throw them in in a room together to discuss their newest musical offerings. The result is Release Roundtable. For this episode the panel sat with G.O.O.D. Music’s golden-child, Pusha T to discuss his first solo album My Name Is My Name. Moderated by the one-and-only Combat Jack, the panel included internet’s most known LowKey, Kaz, Nicole Otero, Timmhotep, Mikey Fresh, and everyone’s favorite Dallas Penn.

The team of digital shot-callers spoke candidly with Pusha about his album from the production to his lyrics. Push was open about his mindset and motivations making the album sharing tidbits from the creative process, personal stories and his feedback on the finished product.
In this meeting the roundtable discussed Kendrick Lamar’s contribution to ‘Nosetalgia.’ Comments of Kendrick’s honesty and unique approach to his drug-inspired rap followed everyone’s screw face reaction to the duo’s delivery. Pleased at the panel’s captivation of by ‘King Push’ Pusha T announced it as the lead single and revealed that the beat’s architect was Joaquin Phoenix. Yes bro.. Joaquin fucking Phoenix.

UPDATE: Here is part two of the Release Roundtable.

via: MassAppeal

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