Hunter Moore Is A Twitter Gem


Listen, I DO understand that the majority of people dislike the man known as Hunter Moore. Yes, he does often drop the n-bomb, but it’s never in a derogatory demeanor. Of course I don’t approve of the word, but I’m one of the people the are tight-roped into the word. No, Hunter Moore did not call me a nigger, but like me and the rest of the population he isn’t a dumbass and dropped the n-bomb — and I follow him so, I know the context of which he is using the word.

Listen, I understand that some if of you readers may get offended by his posts, photos, and words — but, why what the fuck what!? — you assholes willing submit photos to his site and he does what he does….post them!

Am I a Hunter Moore defender? Quiet possibly. Only because you gave him the right to post all you nasty pics on the interwebs. So yes! He has every right to expose you dummies that are willing to share — whether it be private or public. Once you send photos over the internet it’s a free for all. Don’t be mad that Hunter Moore capitalized on it.

Grow up.

P.S. – I love the pics you guys/gals send.

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