Ebro Talks Django Unchained And Race Riots [Video]

Ebro decides to discuss the racial tension that elder black folks feel with Django Unchained. With Spike Lee and Louis Farrakhan being the protagonist for the revolt, some people have taken exception the film’s use of the word nigger and ultimately how slavery is depicted.

I’ve seen the movie, and I didn’t feel any type of way about anything most people felt was offensive. Why? Because it’s a movie. Movies do tend to have a powerful influence on some, and that’s fine, but you have to separate your reality from a movie that’s sole purpose is entertainment.

Ebro did make some valid points on how at times it could be uncomfortable when you hear white people laughing at certain jokes, but I couldn’t really relate since I saw it with theater full of black people. He also points out Quentin Tarantino’s past when it comes to his flims; it’s classic Tarantino. This is way his movies are so engaging: they’re controversial, funny, unfiltered, and always well-written.

Spike Lee is well inbounds for saying he won’t see the movie, he has done so much for the culture, his opinion should be heard. As far as Farrakhan; his outlook didn’t surprise me one bit; it was expected.

All in all; if you haven’t seen Django Unchained, go see it. Judge for yourself.


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